The Doris Martinez Studio is the centre for Cuban & Latino Dance

Having spent years in dance, dance instruction, and performance, Doris Martinez would like to present her studio situated in the heart of the Czech Republic (Prague). With her skilled compatriots, Doris aims at reviving traditional Salsa Cubana and later express her unique African roots into it to extend your flexibility, poise, and balance. From beginner to advanced, our teachers will be there to guide and support your development.
Client Focus
Our studio works closely with people, in day-to-day life, in and outside of the studio to perfect their skills and activate their latent desires for dance. Our primary focus will alway be you!
Dedicated Teachers
Doris’s personally trained teachers guarantee excellence and the dedication towards it. Once like you, they became the best under Doris’s instructions. Inspired by her dance, they continue to share their passions!
Doris Martinez’s personal fitness training program lets you prepare yourself for Cuban, Latino and African dance.

See our demonstration video below!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered by both our teachers and Doris Martinez. The focus is you, and your progress is our priority. With every session we transition you from level-to-level until you are comfortable handling advanced courses with Doris herself.

Group Lessons


Lessons for Children

Dance Workshops